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Trish Grantham, Toast, Trouble, and Tears at Primary Space, Feb 9, 2005

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Painting by Design at Elaine L. Jacob Gallery, Dec 24, 2003

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Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues at Detroit's Second City, Jan 23, 2001



Over and out, February 6, 2002
Melissa Giannini’s last column on techno, house, trash-tech, ghetto-tech, garage rock, hip hop, urban folk and so much more … Here’s a final offering to the great Detroit music spirit, from its biggest fan.

Saturday night live, January 23, 2002
The Lager House hosts some rockin’ Saturday nights, Detroit-style … The Come Ons, the Hentchmen, Ko, and other local greats join the Sirens for an awesome birthday party (and you’re invited) … & Warn and the gang quiet down.

Mount Clemens mic swap, January 9, 2002
Special sets from Detroit’s best MC groups and DJs … A rock-pop showcase featuring Detroit Music Award winners An eclectic mix coming up at the Trumbullplex … & Blair and other urban folksters come together.

I can handle it, Dec 26, 2001
7th Day Records shows off its latest releases … Uncle Ill hosts a party for da kids … End-of-year shows with local rockers … Rosie Thomas returns for a visit … & A call for your best-of-2001 lists.

Wave your mittens in the air, Dec 12, 2001
A sturdy and diverse show at the detroit contemporary, featuring Switch Stance, Red or Dead, 25 Suave and xbxrx. Plus, alternative holiday music from the Brothers Groove, Lisboa and Blair.

Hey, how’d they get out?, Nov 28, 2001
Three Michiganders are doing the mitten proud musically these days, and they’ve all got charisma to spare: Rosie Thomas, Andrew W.K. and Robert McCreedy.

Stunned, Nov 14, 2001
Have you seen Stun Gun’s vintage plexiglass bass? … Ypsilanti Records’ cool new double-singles … What’s happening with the Waxwings, Troy Gregory and the Witches, 12 Angry Steps, Moods for Moderns and many more … (and that’s just the half of it).

Scary, Oct 31 2001
The Pirahnas and Pat Benetar rock the Haunted Tube … Kid Rock’s red-white-and-blue video shoot … The Howling Diablos harmonize with musical legends … DJ Butter goes multimedia … True Skool’s back in session … & much more.

Don’t blame Cokie, Oct 17, 2001
Find the White Stripes on your TV, computer and live-in-person … plus, local Halloween events to fill your calendar, including indie-rock Draculas dancing to Mr. Gold Soundz, the infamous Haunted Tube, and scads of other spookilicious sounds.

Pleasant surprises, Oct 3, 2001
Believe the hype about Scott Allen (and the larger subset, Red Shirt Brigade) … Limos and on-stage hairstyling at Detektive Riot’s rock-star extravaganza … Audra, Blair and friends sing for ‘DET … & lots more local music news.

The music stopped, Sept 19, 2001
Show cancellations and impromptu benefits in the wake of last week’s tragedies … Motor City brews and news … The incredible Barking Tuna Fest lineup … Brendan Benson’s latest … & more.

Imagine all the people, Sept 5, 2001
A classic album artist showcased at CPOP … New recordings from Elephant Gerald, The Trembling and New Grenada … plus quality local shows you don’t wanna miss (or did you already?).

Summer skool, Aug 22, 2001
A bounty of beats at the Attic’s weekly hip-hop showcase … Sniffs and hugs for Stroker Ace … & a shopping bag full of new, local CDs from the Pop Project, Slumber Party, TOBASOL and HNIA (plus a cool comp of Detroit punk rock).

Road trip, Aug 7, 2001
Take a little trip and discover out-of-state music happenings like Ladyfest Midwest in Chicago … Bloomingtonfest …. and magic from Le Grand Magistery (in more ways than one) … plus, Esham and D12 get physical … & lots more.

Battle wounds, July 24, 2001
A hardcore battle at the Wired Frog … Princess Dragon Mom’s seventh annual Noise Camp … Eras end at the Gold Dollar and the Pirate House … plus, Atalaya, Baby Ambassador, Small Brown Bike & so much more.

Get out of my brain!, July 10, 2001
Datacarbon and Royce Music fit several great Michigan-related bands on two new compilations … Bump to the beat at A Dub Supreme … Get sloppy with lots of fun bands at the Mess Fest … & more.

Shot through the heart, June 26, 2001
Stun Gun’s stunning debut album … A Bittersweet farewell … Lots of love for Adult. … Flier power from The Elbow Room … & Who’s got the funk?

What a week, June 12, 2001
Last week’s whirlwind show schedule included the mind-tripping Monster Island collective and overwhelming love for the White Stripes … More fun this weekend with record release parties for sweatysuedelips and Judah Johnson … & much more.

Who’s John Gillis?, May 29, 2001
Special guests and pseudonymous visitors hosted by Ko at the Garden Bowl … Why you should turn out for the Trumbullplex benefit … Morsel will (hopefully) soon appear live to support its new record … & more.

Out of focus, May 15, 2001
Carl Craig fired as DEMF creative director, then sues for defamation of character … Five Horse Johnson, Halfway to Gone and Novadriver celebrate new releases on Small Stone … & Bliss 66 makes itself known with a punchy debut on Epic.

Blues news, May 1, 2001
Lots of local show news: The Detroit Blues Society’s benefit … Troy Gregory goes solo … the Paybacks, Paradime and more. Plus, Jack White’s Detroit compilation is finally released (and a White Stripes release is coming, too).

Restating the obvious, April 10, 2001
The Detroit “mainstream” music scene is anything but boring, but behind the indescribable energy at the Detroit Music Awards are a few questions about the voting procedures … plus, promising new hip-hop and open-mic nights in town.

Group hug, March 20, 2001
Memories of the Hamtramck Blowout and Mid by Midwest local music festivals … Cold As Life thrashes the Shelter … U-M’s Halfway Inn threatened by a dining-hall generator … & sound-artist Viki rocks the coffeehouse world.

The buzz around the nest, March 6, 2001
The latest local band reunion news, including Karen Neal’s reformation of Queen Bee … Rocket 455’s inevitable return … The Mood Elevator’s special guest Brendan Benson … and they’re all performing in local music fests.

Caffeine dreams, Feb 20, 2001
Talented singer-songwriter Gretchen Busam … The Jinx tests out its newly-formed sound … The MC5’s Michael Davis has a new album … The Trumbullplex needs your help … & more.

Hey, how’s it going?, Feb 6, 2001
Major goings-on in the local music world (and all-star lineups which have fans drooling) — the Motor City Music Foundation, Detroit Music Awards, the Hamtramck Blowout and Mid by Midwest … our music writer attempts to sort it all out for you.

Stoned, Jan 23, 2001
Industry players and watchers look for the “next big thing” from Detroit (so many to choose from!) … An alternateen flashback watching Odd Man Out and friends at the Magic Stick … Upcoming show news & much more.

Free the waves, Jan 9, 2001
Listeners protest lack of hip hop on local radio stations … Lansing bands worth traveling for … Too many great shows to choose from … Pontiac-based hip-hop crew finds national success … & more.

New Year’s resolution, Dec 26, 2000
Ear plugs are our friends … Expensive cab rides and braving the subway system in New York … & things to look forward to in the new year.

Singing in the rain, Nov 28, 2000
Audio junkies are served well at Stormy Records’ new location … flashpapr’s Fred Thomas moves to New York (unfortunately for us) … Artists debate Internet song-sharing … Farewell to Joe C … & more.

Pretty people, Nov 14, 2000
Rockin’ with style at Zones … Warn Defever is everywhere … Innovative musicians mind-meld at the Music Menu … & much more.

Good to be back, Oct 31, 2000
There’s too damn many people in New York … Matthew Jacobson the hypnotist … Bright Eyes gets us through the stupidity … & more.

Double your pleasure, Oct 17, 2000
White Stripes’ two-night stand at the Gold Dollar … Watching the budget while on tour … Halloween brings scarily good CD releases from DJ Assault, the Witches, Mod Ev and other locals … & more.

Hold the handrail, Oct 3, 2000
Fun at the Metro Times 20th Anniversary Party … Factory 81 ham it up … Mascott releases a pretty album … & do yourself a favor and go see Grant Lee Phillips.

Bar none, Sept 12, 2000
Taking the band out of the bar … & a rundown of places for you kids to go for some fine entertainment.

Baby one more time, Aug 29, 2000
Travis do a kick-ass cover … Some local bands call it quits … & looking forward to the Dally.

On the road, Aug 15, 2000
Detroit acts Slumber Party, White Stripes, and Waxwings take it to the road… “Pissed off boyfriends” almost protest Moods For Moderns show.

Birthday bombast, Aug 1, 2000
Speedball dishes out some good old-fashioned Detroit rock … The Mood Elevator serves up its own soon-to-be-classics … The Suicide Machines get busier … & metro Detroit may be the source for the next teen sensation, Laney.

Sonic relief, July 18, 2000
Highlights of the incredible local music emitted from the Sonic Boom… from the swanky swagger of the Witches to the head-turning grooves of Kelvin Larkin.



DVD/LP Review: Rosie Thomas (Factory 25) 

The 6ths: Hyacinths and Thistles (Merge)

Ani Difranco: Revelling/Reckoning (Righteous Babe)

Arab Strap: The Red Thread (Matador)

Au Revoir Borealis: Tienken (Self-released)

Various Artists: Detroit Cobras, Bantam Rooster, The Come Ons, White Stripes, Dirtbombs, The Paybacks, The Clone Defects, The Von Bondies, Ko & the Knockouts, Buzzards: The Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

Blake Babies: God Bless the Blake Babies (Zoe)

Son, Ambulance, Bright Eyes: Oh Holy Fools (Saddle Creek)

The Come Ons: Hip Check! (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

Da Lata: Songs from the Tin (Palm Pictures)

Various Artists: DJ Assault, MAERSK: Comin From Tha D: Blueprint (Intuit-Solar)

DJ Assault: Jefferson Ave. (Intuit-Solar)

Dolly Parton: Little Sparrow (Sugar Hill)

Erykah Badu: Mama’s Gun (Motown)

French Kicks: Young Lawyer (Star Time)

Ida: The Braille Night (TigerStyle/Last Affair)

Ida: Will You Find Me (Tiger Style)

The Incredible Moses Leroy: Electric Pocket Radio (Ultimatum Music)

k.: New Problems (Tiger Style)

Karate: Unsolved (Southern)

Laika: Good Looking Blues (Beggars Banquet)

Laura Nyro: Angel In The Dark (Rounder)

Lee “Scratch” Perry: Techno Party! (Beatville)

Mark Kozelek: What’s Next to the Moon (Badman Recording Co.)

Moods for Moderns: Loud & Clear (Doghouse)

Paper Tiger: Hoopla (Off Woodward)

Ryan Adams: Heartbreaker (Bloodshot)

Scuba La Boobala: Scuba La Boobala (Farfelous Pup)

Stephen Malkmus: Stephen Malkmus (Matador)

Tara Jane O’Neil: In the Sun Lines (Quarterstick)

Various Artists: The Unaccompanied Voice (Secretly Canadian)

The Von Bondies: Lack of Communication (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

Will Hoge: Carousel (self-released)